California Clean Money Action Fund Questionnaire results

The California Clean Money Action Fund asked all candidates for state office in California to answer six questions on whether they support legislation for more disclosure on political ads and public financing of campaigns.

Three questions concern legislation for greater disclosure of funders on political ads, as in the California DISCLOSE Act. One question is about candidate ads, and another is about public financing of campaigns. There’s also a bonus question about whether a system of public financing for all state candidates is worth $8 per Californian per year. On each question the options were "Yes", "No", and "Other", plus space to write an explanation.

A candidate who answered “Yes” on all five questions gets 100%. If they answered “Yes” on four out of five, they score 80%. And so on.

To look at candidate scores and their full set of answers, including any explanations given, look for candidates on the following pages:

Candidates for Assembly

Candidates for Senate

Candidates for other statewide races and the Board of Equalization

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